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Nursery and Preschools

Bilton Grange Preparatory and Pre-Preparatory Boarding and Day School

2 The Dr, Homefield Ln, Dunchurch, Rugby CV22 6QS, UK – 01788 811218

lovely school and I would love to go back again and board there.

Blue Windmill Nursery

Addison Rd, Rugby CV22 7DJ, UK – 01788 571393

Humpty Dumpty Nursery

Bilton Infants School, Magnet Ln, Rugby CV22 7NH, UK – 01788 521038

Primary and Secondary Schools

Rugby Free Secondary School

Anderson Ave, Rugby CV22 5PE, UK – 01788 222060

Amazing school my daughter goes there they have gave her such a good opportunity

Long Lawford Primary School

Holbrook Rd, Long Lawford, Rugby CV23 9AL, UK – 01788 543332

Great teachers and school ethos

The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College

Newbold Rd, Rugby CV21 1EH, UK – 01788 542355

It's an amazing school. Don't judge me because I like school..

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Public & Preparatory Schools

Crescent School

Bawnmore Rd, Rugby CV22 7QH, UK – 01788 521595

Best primary school in Rugby.

Bilton Grange Preparatory School

Dunchurch, Rugby CV22 6QU, UK – 01788 810217

I have two boys at Bilton Grange and would not hesitate in recommending the school. The school has managed to challenge the boys (who are very different) and keep them engaged every step of the way. Both boys have solid and loyal friendships with their classmates and can't wait to get to school. They play sport every other day and BG has managed to train them into able sportsmen. I am most proud of their manners and gentlemanly behaviour. It is a wonderful school with a great set of enthusiastic, hard working teachers.